Sunday, 4 January 2009

Seven Things - Tagged by Sebastian and Manuel

I've been tagged for this meme by Sebastian Bergmann and Manuel Pichler, so I can hardly ignore it now!

Seven things you may not know about me:

  • I didn't even know how to code a table in HTML when I started as a web developer at Squiz.
  • I didn't pick the name PHP_CodeSniffer. It was suggested by Pierre-Alain Joye ( when I submitted "Snoopy" to PEAR.
  • I'm slightly addicted to WoW, but I swear it's not my fault and my wife is addicted too, so it's not that bad.
  • I've never been to a PHP conference or user group. I just can't ever seem to find the time, especially now with a 1 year old.
  • I'm the main cook in the house, and I love it!
  • I love cats and dogs and have had 5 dogs and 4 cats as pets so far.
  • I don't have a Facebook account even though several people have tried to sign me up. One less thing to be addicted to.

And the seven lucky people I have picked to do this next are:
  • Till Klampaeckel for being a PHP_CodeSniffer early adopter
  • Pierre-Alain Joye for helping me get into the wonder that is PEAR
  • Laurent Laville for helping me get PHP_CodeSniffer working on Windows
  • Scott Kim because he codes PHP all day long and needs something to add to his blog
  • Richard Hulse for convincing me Git is a great VCS, even if I haven't done anything about it
  • Nathan de Vries because he's a smart guy with and without PHP
  • Nic Hubbard for making his first contribution to a PHP open source project just recently

And here are the rules of the game:
  • Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post - some random, some wierd.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs and/or Twitter.