Monday, 9 March 2009

PHP_CodeSniffer 1.2.0RC1 released

I was just looking at the download stats for PHP_CodeSniffer version 1.2.0alpha1. Normally, my alpha releases get a very small number of downloads due to most users not allowing alpha state packages to be installed via PEAR (fair enough). But the 1.2.0 alpha got over 300 downloads. That's a great figure and a few bugs were fixed from that testing, but there is a very good reason why there were so many downloads - I released it nearly 4 months ago.

To be honest, besides fixing the odd bug, I haven't been working on PHP_CodeSniffer lately. I'm very busy working on the MySource Mini and our coding standard seems to be nearing completion, so there is less work to be done there as well. But 1.2.0 is a good release with some great reporting improvements, so it's about time I released a beta version.

This release candidate is essentially a bug-fix only release, but please test it if you can so I can push it stable as soon as possible and start working on new features again.

You can view the full changelog and download the release on the package download page.