Monday, 15 January 2007

MySource Matrix 3.12.0 released

Version 3.12.0 (stable) of MySource Matrix was released today. The additional week between the expected and actual release dates was used to make the release ready for the new dual licencing scheme; MySource Matrix is now available under both the GPL and the new SSV (Squiz Supported Version) licence.

In addition, the core (GPL) version of 3.12.0 now contains a significant number of new modules that were previously only available through the commercial module package. The entire CMS package, minus the Remote Content asset, and the entire News package are now freely available in the download.

Some of the new asset types included in the download are the Custom Form, the Asset Builder, the Online Poll and the RSS Feed. This is an incredible increase in functionality available in the free download.

If you are an existing user of MySource Matrix, make sure you view the updated licence page on the Squiz website for more information about the new licencing scheme, and the updated modules section of the MySource Matrix website for more information about which modules are only available under the SSV.

And of course, you can download MySource Matrix from the downloads page.

UPDATE: you can view the 3.12.0 press release on the Squiz website.