Tuesday, 23 January 2007

WebDAV support scheduled for MySource 4.0 alpha release

We've been having a think about the features we want to add to MySource 4.0 after the alpha release. WebDAV support was on the list of nice-to-have's, but the current demand (both internal and external to Squiz) for integrated content editing has pushed it to into the alpha release.

So I've been trying to get WebDAV support going in MySource 4.0. To say it's been a pain in the arse is putting it mildly.

I started playing with WebDAV in MySource Matrix quite a long time ago. I got to the point where I could browse a MySource Matrix system via WebDAV, but never implemented content editing. I ran out of time and need some client funding to keep the project going. It never arrived, so the project was shelved.

I started back on WebDAV yesterday and got myself back to the point where I needed to implement content editing today. As of now, I can safely say that today has been one of the most horrible in memory, and I still don't have content editing via WebDAV!

The thing that really bothers me is that every WebDAV client likes to do things differently. There is also a severe lack of examples for WebDAV support in PHP, and those I do have don't actually work for content editing. So I think I'm going to need to do a lot more reading and implement a lot of the protocol myself. That wouldn't normally annoy me, but now I'm on a deadline, and the clock is ticking.