Monday, 5 February 2007

MySource Matrix 3.12.1, 3.10.6 released today made two new point releases of the MySource Matrix Open Source Content Management System available to the public; versions 3.12.1 and 3.10.6.

Version 3.12.1 is the latest release on the most recent stable branch of MySource Matrix and provides 28 bugs fixes as well as 3 new feature improvements. The LDAP Bridge now checks for PHP LDAP support, the "Back To" bar in the admin interface now wraps across 2 lines, and the asset lineage design area now has config options for print and cache in the admin interface.

Version 3.10.6 is a bug-fix only release, providing 21 fixes to bugs previously reported in 3.10.5.

The GPL editions of both versions are now available for you to download from the MySource Matrix download page. A full list of changes within each version are provided with the downloads.