Saturday, 3 March 2007

MySource 4.0 WebDAV server started

I've been waiting about a month for MySource 4.0 development to reach a point where it made sense to begin porting my stand-alone WebDAV server to MySource 4.0. This week, it finally caught-up.

Currently, my WebDav server can display the projects in your system as folders. Three project folders are listed under each; Documents, Images and Movies. The server currently only supports the viewing of Folder and File assets under these folders, but the mime type of each File asset is determined, so they appear as different file types in the OS.

I've had to put the ID of the asset in the path for now (which means it also appears in the folder/file name) because we don't have URLs assigned to project folders yet. For example, a folder name would be something like [23] Holiday Photos. Once these URLs go in, I'll be able to use the web path of the asset instead of the ID. For example, a folder name would be something like holiday_photos. I'm thinking of making this an option though, because some people may prefer seeing the name rather than the web path, even if the name does have the asset ID on the front. It's also one less query in most cases, so that is a bonus too. It's just a lot harder to remember a URL with /[23]%20Holiday%20Photos/ in it than /holiday_photos/ if you want to navigate to that folder directly.

The next thing to tackle for WebDAV is the editing of files, which includes working out a permanent solution for locking. Supporting the creation of new files and folders would be the next logical step, before finally moving the server into MySource 4.0 and converting it to a System with Actions and Channels.