Thursday, 14 June 2007

MySource 4.0 internal demo

Today, I gave the first internal demonstration of MySource 4.0 to Squiz. At lot of people have been waiting a long time to get a look at our progress and it was great to finally be able to show them what we've been working on.

The first part of the demonstration was MySource 4.0 itself. I showed the installation process and created a simple five page website with an imported design. The inline content editing interfaces were shown with raw HTML text boxes only. Finally, I demonstrated MySource 4.0's WebDAV integration by editing a Word Document that was uploaded through the content editing interface.

The second part was a batch processing test. I added and deleted a web path and role to 135,000 pages that we had previously imported into a test system. Adding took around 26 seconds. Deleting took around 6 seconds. To compare that to MySource Matrix, we would be acting upon somewhere between 540,000 and 800,000 assets and both adding and deleting would take somewhere between 10 and 24 hours, depending on hardware and load.

The last part of the demonstration was a preview of Viper, the MySource 4.0 WYSIWYG editor. This was really exciting and drove home our goal of inline content editing. Unlike other WYWISYG editors, Viper is written in JavaScript but does not use the browser's built-in editable region. The result is an editor where we have complete control over how it works, how it looks and the HTML it produces.

We are now busy preparing features for the first public demonstration at the MySource Matrix International User Conference 2007 in September.