Sunday, 30 September 2007

MySource 4.0 WebDAV update

In a previous post, I mentioned some WebDAV improvements that I was thinking of implementing in MySource4. I've finally got around to trying some of them out, with positive results. The improvement I'm currently making to MySource4's WebDAV server is the ability to add files and folders.

Adding this feature was a lot easier than I thought, but the functionality it provides is much more impressive. I'm now able to drag files from my local machine into the WebDAV folder. I can also drag entire folders and have them imported along with their sub-folders and files. This makes mass-importing of files and folders as easy as copy/paste and is going to be an important part of any document management system.

The files and folders that are imported exist only in WebDAV and are not imported into MySource4 because I can't trust most WebDAV requests. When an administration interface is added to MySource4, I'll put something into it that allows the changes made in WebDAV to be committed to the MySource4 system. For now though, all imported files and folders can be viewed and edited by all editors using the WebDAV interface, so it works sort of like a staging area.

As much pain as WebDAV has caused me in the past, I've fallen deeply in love with it again!