Tuesday, 23 October 2007

All PEAR packages now checked with PHP_CodeSniffer

Thanks to some great work by Christian Weiske, PHP_CodeSniffer has been added to the PEAR QA framework. So now, all package developers can visit the PEAR QA overview page and see how many coding standard errors and warnings they have in their package.

Here is the full announcement:

Hello all you pear developers,

Our quality assurance suite now utilizes our great package PHP_CodeSniffer to generate reports about each package's coding standards compliance.

You can get the full overview at
Just click at the CS error/warning count to get a detailled listing of problems in the package.

Please also note that we're currently evaluating to extend and clarify the standards. See my last email to this list or http://wiki.pear.php.net/index.php/CodingStandardsChanges

As always, comments are very welcome.

I'm also pretty happy that someone has decided to review the PEAR coding standards, as there are a few gaps that need to be filled in and some conflicting standards that need to be clarified.