Friday, 30 October 2009

MySource Mini now free to download

The big news (for me) at the MySource Matrix International User Conference (MMIUC) this year was that MySource Mini can now be downloaded for free as a virtual machine image. You'll need VMWare player to run the image, but you are also free to convert it to another format if you want.

In addition, Squiz showed its commitment to open source by announcing that MySource Mini will be released under the GPL and will have a public SVN repository. We're in the process of getting this ready and we'll have it done in a couple of weeks.

Sticking with our goal of keeping everything about MySource Mini simple, the virtual machine is easy to install and you can subscribe to the automatic up-to-date system to have it upgrade itself. A personal subscription is only $250 a year and when you take a look what has been added in just 6 months, it's great value.

I showed a demonstration at the MMIUC of the new features added since the MySource Mini launch in April this year. The main features I showed were:
- multi-site support
- embedded videos and automatic conversion to FLV files
- embedded and lightbox-style image galleries
- track changes functionality built right into the inline WYSIWYG editor
- improvements to the help system for new users
- an integrated bug-tracker based on Bugzilla

I've been saying how good MySource Mini is for a while and how its powerful functionality is made simple through great user interfaces. But now you don't have to take my word for it. Grab the VM and have a play around yourself.

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