Wednesday, 9 December 2009

PHP_CodeSniffer 1.3.0 development plan

A while ago, I was contacted by Gabriele Santini, lead PHP architect for SQLI in Paris. Gabriele had some great ideas to make PHP_CodeSniffer more powerful and had already started developing a wrapper for PHP_CodeSniffer to implement many of them. I finally got the time to look through this wrapper recently and I was impressed with what I saw, but couldn't change PHP_CodeSniffer in a way that would make it easy for Gabriele to maintain the wrapper without duplicating a lot of code.

But these were such great ideas that I had to act on them. So we've now teamed up to implement the changes into PHP_CodeSniffer itself. Work has already started (the first commits went in today) and a development plan has been created.

You can read about the features on the Squiz Labs blog post.