Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Squiz coding standard finally in PHP_CodeSniffer

I finally finished moving all the Squiz coding standard sniffs from SVN to PEAR CVS today. I also fixed up the 3 failing tests that have been bugging me for weeks. They weren't as hard to fix as I anticipated, which was a real bonus.

There are still 4 sniffs that need to be written before version 1.0 of the Squiz Coding Standard can be considered complete. The sniffs that check the file, class, member var and function doc comments are yet to be written. I sent around an email to the MySource 4.0 team today with a suggested commenting layout, so it shouldn't be long until those are sorted out too.

On a related note, the commenting sniffs for the PEAR coding standard are looking very close to being completed. A few minor adjustments are being made to the unit tests to cover off some checks that were not being tested (the code coverage reports really came through and did their job on that one). They look like being completed some time tomorrow.

I'm holding off on releasing another version of PHP_CodeSniffer until after all the sniffs (both PEAR and Squiz) are in place. That will be a really good time to upgrade the package's status from alpha to beta, finally.