Saturday, 12 July 2008


Well, not me personally; Basil from work. He let me know (on Thursday) that he'd be late in on Friday because he was heading to an Optus store in Bankstown to try and get himself an iPhone from some guy called Ahmed. I, of course, could make an exception for such a noble cause. However, a confirmation call late Thursday established that Ahmed didn't actually have any iPhones, so the deal feel through.

Early Friday morning I get another call from Baz. Now he is sitting in the line at the Optus store on George St as they apparently have a load of iPhones. He had been sitting in the line since 6am; not as dedicated as those who queued up for the midnight launch, but still pretty dedicated!

At work, we were all pretty excited about playing around with a new iPhone and we were looking forward to Baz's arrival sometime around 11am, we speculated.

I got a call about 10am...

Baz got into the store, started signing the contracts and realised that he didn't have enough points of ID to purchase the iPhone. He was heading back to work with nothing but a promise that an iPhone was being reserved for him. EPIC FAIL!!

We thought we'd cheer him up by giving him an iPhone replacement.

And to remember the event, we are organising for the following poster to be printed, framed and hung on the wall at work.

On a related note, I headed into the city today with Deborah and Gerred (his first trip to the city) to get a camera bag and grab some lunch. We were also going to head into the Apple store and take a look around. When we got there, the line to get in was three times the length of the store and around the corner. There are certainly going to be a lot of iPhones out there! For now, I have to stick with playing around with the app store on Deborah's iPod touch.