Thursday, 10 July 2008

PHP_CodeSnifer coding standard tutorial updated

In my last post, I mentioned that the current PHP_CodeSniffer manual doesn't have any information about using an external standard. The manual, and coding standard tutorial, assume that the standard you are writing and testing with is located within the main PHP_CodeSniffer directory structure. This is not normally the case, so I have updated the manual to be a little more realistic.

The coding standard tutorial now takes you through the process of creating an externally managed coding standard rather than instructing you to create your standard within PHP_CodeSniffer's Standards directory. This not only documents the usage of external standards, but also makes it much easier for would-be standard developers to get started.

The updated tutorial wont be available on the PEAR site until Sunday/Monday, but you can view it on Brett Bieber's build right now. From next week, you can view it at the normal place.

As a side note, creating and compiling the manual (peardoc) on Linux is a lot easier than on OS X. I am now using a Fedora 8 VM for all my PHP_CodeSniffer development and documentation work and I highly recommend this setup.